Warren Buffett Stocks Portfolio Analysis


Analysis for 12/3/2022


Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all time, and many investors strive to restore his success. Buffett is known as a buy-and-hold investor, hanging on to stocks for years and even decades. But there has been major turnover lately.

In Q3, Berkshire kept many of its biggest and longest-held positions steady. Besides Apple, those include Bank of America (BAC) and Kraft Heinz (KHC), as well as Coca-Cola (KO) and American Express (AXP).

In the third quarter of 2022, the traditionally tech-averse Buffett opened a sizable stake in Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM).

Buffett’s Berkshire also picked up Louisiana Pacific (LPX), a manufacturer of building products and engineered wood components, as well as Jefferies Financial Group (JEF), a global investment banking and capital markets firm, both for the first time.

In Q3, Berkshire boosted its significant position in Paramount Global (PARA) by 16%. The Paramount+ streaming service is a small but growing rival to Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.

The conglomerate added to existing positions in Occidental Petroleum (OXY) and Chevron (CVX), according to Berkshire’s latest quarterly 13F filing, published on Nov 14. The company has steadily raised its energy bet this year, including in Q3.

Buffett’s investment strategy is based on:

  • long term investment

Buffett invests from a long-term perspective. If he can’t see himself as a shareholder for years, he won’t buy the stock at all.

  • Invest in what you know and understand

While Buffett’s portfolio contains a diverse mix of companies, high concentration can be seen in some industries, such as insurance, banking, utilities, and consumer goods.

  • Identify undervalued stocks

Buffett locates stocks that are trading below the economic value and have a long history of growth that is reflected in, among other things, the return on assets.

  • Find businesses that will stand the test of time

Buffett chooses businesses that will hold up during an economic recession. Companies that supply water, gas, electricity, and services that they also consumed during the recession are prime examples and that is why Buffett likes to invest. For example, even at this stage of her life, Apple is considered by him as such a company and not a technology company. As a rule, he does not invest in technology companies and businesses that are highly dependent on a strong economy.

  • Invest in a well-managed company

Buffett will only invest in the stock if he trusts management and thinks it will work continuously for the benefit of shareholders. Positive signs include a history of dividend distribution and repurchases (both ways to return capital to investors), and an excellent reputation.

  • Invest in companies that pay dividends on a regular basis

Aurora DIY Investing enables you to track and analyze Buffett’s stocks portfolio and identify ideas that meet your financial goals and preferences. ALL the analyses are updated twice a week.

Discover investment ideas using Buffett’s Principles

Using Buffett’s principles, we can identify several investment ideas through Aurora’s filters and reports

  • Aurora’s Positive Global Evaluation Rating
  • Medium/Larg caps
  • Undervalued price evaluation
  • Positive Earnings Growth
  • Low/ medium sensitivity (Risk)
  • Expected Dividend yields and Payout Ratios
  • Positive book/price value

Global Evaluation Metric

Designed to give a broad overview of an investment at a particular point in time, Aurora’s Global Evaluation Metric combines multiple factors which we outline in more detail below. These include fundamental and technical elements such as Valuation, Earnings Revisions Trend, Technical Trends and Group Benchmarking, along with sensitivity (Risk) ratings based on the “Bear Markets” and “Bad News” Factor Metrics.

These factors are then visualized as a simple volume bar where ff indicates the best possible rating and ffff  indicates the worst.

Dividend stability and growth over time

Investors should also look at the historical dividend yield. Long-term dividend stability and growth are positive signs for a company’s health and future growth.

With Aurora, you can easily identify high yield dividend stocks, analyze the payout ratios and track historical expected dividend yields.

Market Capitalization:

Generally, Buffett prefers to invest in big caps due to the fact that the larger the company is, the more stable and consistent the dividend yield.

With Aurora, you can filter dividend yields by a company’s market capitalization.


Our Valuation rating indicates if a stock is selling at a relative premium or bargain price, based on its growth potential.

To estimate a stock’s value relative to its current price our Valuation rating combines:

  •  stock price;
  •  projected earnings;
  •  projected earnings growth;
  •  dividends

By combining these elements we can establish a rating for the analyzed company.

There are five ratings, ranging

  • Strongly overvalued
  • Moderately overvalued
  • Fairly priced
  • Moderately undervalued
  • Strongly undervalued

About Aurora DIY Investing

Aurora is a product of SDIS Global AG and was developed in Switzerland. Aurora’s analysis and estimates are obtained from theScreener – Switzerland, with 20 years of experience in securities research and analysis, used by the world’s largest investment managers, leading banks, and over 10 million end-users each month.

Aurora covers more than 40 markets, 100 industries, 6,000 stocks, 15,000 funds, and 1,200 ETF’s- so there is not a single opportunity that you will not be able to see in real-time.

What we offer

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface that saves you time.
  • Analysis and ratings for 40 Stock markets, 100 Sectors, 6,000 Stocks, 15,000 Funds, and 1,200 ETFs.
  • On-Line portfolio diagnostic and alerts to monitor and control your portfolio.
  • All-In-One subscription for all markets and products.
  • Twice-Weekly updates of our ratings and analysis so you can stay informed.
  • Totally independent, transparent, unbiased research with no hidden motives, commissions or costs.
  • Analysis and ratings, Powered by theScreener AG Switzerland, trusted by leading financial institutions and asset managers for over 20 years.


The system provides financial information and data to help you identify investment ideas. However, we do not advise you or guide you about this or what products to purchase or sell – these decisions are yours only. SDIS and the system are not subject to regulation, and SDIS does not hold a license for investment advisory, investment marketing, or investment portfolio management under any law. The content provided on the system is independent and not based or tailored to your personal circumstances, To your needs, or your purposes, and should not be relied on as an estimate of profitability or the suitability of an investment in a particular stock for any purpose. Past performance is not a guarantee of present or future performance. Investments may lose their full value.


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