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    Aurora is a the most comprehensive platform for identifying, analyzing, and evaluating securities, that provide investment portfolio ideas, thus enabling Do-It-Yourself Investors to manage and control their investments portfolio

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      Systematic, imapartial and comparabale analysis & research foe stocks, funds and portfolio diagnosis

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      Covering more than 400 markets, 100 industries, 6,000 stocks, 15,000 funds and 1,200 ETF

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      Control your portfolio quailty. Easy way to monitor and rebalance your portfolio

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    Aurora is a platform foridentifying, analyzing,
    and evaluating securities that provide investment portfolio
    ideas and analysis, thus enabling control of yourportfolio.

    • Securities that you have not yet known in 40 markets, 100 industries,
      6000 subscribers, 1,500 investment funds and 1,000 ETFs

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    • Based on analyzes by theScreener,
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    Star Rating System

    The granting of «stars» allows you to identify quality stocks quickly and easily. A similar assessment is madefor funds.
    Therefore, a stock can earn a maximum of four stars. The lowest rating is with no stars.


    Stock price developments are generally volatile and contain high sensitivity that can result in a total loss.
    Based on their historical behavior, stocks are classified by sensitivity level.
    These sensitivity levels have to be considered solely in relative historical comparison to other stocks.
    Please note that even « Low Sensitivity » stocks are equities and, therefore, high-sensitivity investments
    that can lose up to all of their value and that past performance is no indication of current or future performance.

    Global Evaluation

    A global assessment providesa quick and straight forward estimate of stocks and investment funds.
    It combines financial and technical analyses (valuation, update profits, technical factors,
    and group reference indices) with sensitivity analysis. A better assessment of the individual parameters leads to a better global assessment.