All you need for Investing- In one smart system! - Aurora

All you need for Investing- In one smart system!

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AURORA is the Swiss system that supports Investors with data, research, and portfolio diagnostics for stocks, funds, and investment portfolios worldwide. Used by the world’s largest investment managers, this system is now available for Do-It-Yourself investors!

The methodology of the AURORA is based on quantitative analyses and differs from anything else on the market. Our unique solution turns complex financial analysis into intuitive and easy-to-understand information. Using advanced models and technology, we help overcome the limitations and risks inherent in traditional financial analysis. Our approach delivers fast, efficient, transparent, and consistent results over time, which are fully documented.

Do it yourself – AURORA method for smart investment

Whether you manage an investment account independently or with the help of an investment adviser, the system provides you with information in a user-friendly, clear, and simple format, thus helping new investors to analyze and evaluate stocks and funds.

  • Star rating (0-4): This allows you to identify quality stocks and funds easily and quickly and direct your investment accordingly.
  • Sensitivity level assessment: Allow you to obtain complete and comprehensive information about the volatility of a stock or investment fund based on their historical behavior using 3 sensitivity ratings: low, moderate, and high.
  • Information-based global valuation: A comprehensive valuation designed to give a quick and simple estimate of stocks and investment funds. It combines financial and technical analysis such as valuation, earnings update, technical factors, benchmarks, and sensitivity analysis. The use and orientation of the system is easy and simple, and most importantly in Hebrew so that everyone can enjoy free access to information that has previously been reserved only for the largest investment managers in the world.

The exclusive benefits of AURORA

  • Coverage of more than 40 markets, 100 industries, 6000 stocks and 15000 funds.
  • Full independent and simple rating (Green’ Yellow, Red).
  • Star rating evaluation that covers both fundamental, technical and performance. 
  • Separate measurement of stock and fund beta risk, based on “Bear Market” and “Bad News” factors, enable investor to define his risk appetite.
  • Up to 3 years forward looking analysis.
  • All analysis are being update twice a week.
  • On-line portfolio diagnostic.
  • User friendly, enable investors to identify investment ideas within a short time.
  • More than 20 years of experience and track record by theScreener.

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